January 25, 2015

Kenneth Stanley "Bud" Adams

Kenneth Stanley Adams
January 3, 1923 - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
October 21, 2013 - Houston, Texas

Co-founder of the AFL
Founder of the Houston Oilers
Founder of the Tennessee Titans

GPS Coordinates
29° 44.304, -095° 36.517

Section 400
Forest Park Westheimer

January 21, 2015

John Harrington

John Harrington
1848 - Detroit, Michigan
January 3, 1905 - San Antonio, Texas

Indian War Campaigns Medal of Honor

While carrying dispatches was attacked by 125 hostile Indians, whom he and his comrades fought throughout the day. He was severely wounded in the hip and unable to move. He continued to fight, defending an exposed dying man.

GPS Coordinates
29° 25.279, -098° 28.038

Section F
San Antonio National Cemetery
San Antonio

January 18, 2015

Frank Mariano Tejeda

Frank Mariano Tejeda
October 2, 1945 - San Antonio, Texas
January 30, 1997 - San Antonio, Texas

United States Congressman (1993-1997)

GPS Coordinates
29° 28.586, -098° 25.976

Section AI
Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
San Antonio

January 15, 2015

Robert Francis Catterson

Robert Francis Catterson
March 22, 1835 - Beech Grove, Indiana
March 30, 1914 - San Antonio, Texas

Civil War Union Brigadier General

GPS Coordinates
29° 25.290, -098° 27.997

Section A
San Antonio National Cemetery
San Antonio

January 14, 2015

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