October 11, 2011

Zeno Phillips

   Zeno Philips, one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred colonists, on July 19, 1824, received title to a sitio of land in what is now Brazoria County. The census of March 1826 classified him as a farmer and stock raiser, a single man aged between twenty-five and forty, with one servant and twenty-two slaves. In March 1829 Philips and John R. Harris acted as partners in one of the first large contracts for cotton in Texas, when they bought about 100 bales from Jared E. Groce. Philips was a lieutenant colonel in the local militia in August 1829. The same year he was defeated as a candidate for regidor. In December 1830 he was administering the estate of Joseph White. Source 

Note: Unmarked. This small field was originally the site of the Phillips family cemetery and although there were once several tombstones, none exist now. Outside of the historical marker at the gate, nothing remains that denotes this as a burying ground. The coordinates below will take you to the gate shown below.

29° 09.202, -095° 42.439

Phillips Family Cemetery
West Columbia

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