September 12, 2017

Benjamin Beason

Benjamin Beason (or Beeson), one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred colonists, received title to his land in Colorado County on August 7, 1824. He operated a ferry on the Colorado River at the site of present Columbus, where his wife, Elizabeth, kept an inn. In April 1836 the Beason family was at Harrisburg, where Mrs. Beason operated a boarding house.

Benjamin Beason died before March 9, 1837; the Telegraph and Texas Register of March 14, 1837, carried a notice that William B. DeWees, Leander Beason, and Abel Beason were administrators of his estate.

Beason's grave location has been lost over time, but he is known to have been buried in this cemetery. The photograph below is of the oldest section where he most likely rests.

GPS Coordinates

Old City Cemetery

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