July 7, 2017

John Wesley Scallorn

   John Scallorn came to Texas from Kentucky or Tennessee (most likely Tennessee) in 1834-35. During the Texas Revolution he fought in the Battle of San Jacinto and later became a surveyor in Fayette County, Texas. He married Mariam Spier in 1839 and they had one son born in 1840, named George Wesley. In 1842 Mexico was still sending troops into Texas and in September of that year San Antonio was attacked and captured briefly. Scallorn and his brother, Elam, rode with a reinforcement group of volunteers, mostly from the La Grange area along the Colorado River. This group was led by Captain Nicholas M. Dawson and their intent was to join other volunteers on the way to San Antonio. Before they could join with the other group of volunteers they were met by Mexican forces near Salado Creek, in what is now San Antonio, near where Fort Sam Houston is located today. In the fighting that ensued 36 Texans were killed, among them John Wesley and Elam Scallorn. Fifteen Texans were taken prisoner and marched to Mexico. This terrible battle became known as the “Dawson Massacre”. The remains of John Wesley Scallorn and the other brave volunteers who died in this battle were buried in the tomb at Monument Hill State Park in La Grange, Texas.

29° 53.339, -096° 52.618

Monument Hill State Historic Site
La Grange

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