April 7, 2017

William P. Massey

   William Massey (Massie) came to Texas in 1835 from parts unknown and enlisted in the Texas army on April 4, 1836. he was a member of Captain Amasa Turner's Company, and on April 21, fought with them at the Battle of San Jacinto. After the battle, Turner was promoted and leadership given to Captain John Smith. Massey was stationed on Galveston Island as part of Smith's Company as shown in the muster roll of December 31, 1836, and discharged on October 25, 1837. He received his first land grant for his military service in March 1838 for a third of a league in Harrisburg, now Harris, County, and his second certificate in October 1838 for 1,280 acres of land in Montgomery County. Massey sold off his headright in Montgomery County and settled in Houston where he lived until his death . He was initially buried in the city's Episcopal Cemetery, but when the cemetery was scheduled to be razed for neglect in the 1950s, he was reinterred in Glenwood.
29° 45.832, -095° 22.896

Section G1
Glenwood Cemetery

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