February 21, 2017

William Moore

   Outside of his military records, there is little known about William Moore. he was born in Boston, Massachusetts on May 18, 1837 and enlisted as a boatswain's mate in the Union Navy in the early years of the Civil War. On December 27, 1862, while aboard the USS Benton, the ship participated in the attack on Haines Bluff while Moore, under heavy fire, ran lines to the shore in spite of the danger until the ship was ordered to withdraw. It was for this action that he was awarded the Medal of Honor (received April 16, 1864). He was still with the USS Benton on May 22, 1863, this time acting as captain of a 9 inch gun during the Battle of Vicksburg. Moore died on February 16, 1918 and was buried in the Oakwood Cemetery Annex.

Serving as boatswain's mate on board the U.S.S. Benton during the attack on Haines Bluff, Yazoo River, 27 December 1862. Wounded during the hour-and-a-half engagement in which the enemy had the dead range of the vessel and was punishing her with heavy fire, Moore served courageously in carrying lines to the shore until the Benton was ordered to withdraw.

30° 16.593, -097° 43.456

Block A
Oakwood Cemetery Annex

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