December 30, 2016

John Slayton

   Johann Friedrich Schlobohm, also recorded as John Slaburn, John Slayton, John Slighton, John Sleightson, John Slader and John Sladon, was born December 10, 1807 in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. As was the case with Henry Tierwester, his last name was easily misspelled, so he was given various names in his legal and military records, making him somewhat difficult to track. What we know as fact is that he arrived in Texas in 1825 and settled near the Liberty/Harris County line. He enlisted in the Texian army on March 6, 1836 (where the muster rolls listed him as John Slaburn, John Sleightson and John Slighton) and was assigned to Captain William Mitchell Logan's Company of Liberty Volunteers (where the company rolls listed him as either John Slayton or John Slighton). He fought at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21 and left the service on June 6, 1836. Three days later, he reenlisted for a period of seventeen months, leaving the army for good on November 4, 1837. He was awarded several land grants for his service, most of which he sold off to an A.B. Grant, and settled in what is now eastern Harris County. Schlobohm died at his home on September 25, 1882. His gravestone records his last name with the correct spelling.

29° 54.992, -095° 19.679

Schlobohm Cemetery

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