December 23, 2016

Henry Larkin Chapman

   Born July 20, 1812 to Henry and Lavinia Mobley Chapman, Henry came to Texas in 1834. He settled in what is now Nacogdoches County and practiced law. During the Texas Revolution, he signed up with the Texas militia as a volunteer on March 8, 1836 and assigned to Captain L. Smith's Company as a private. Smith's company was stationed near Harrisburg on April 8 when they were ordered by David Thomas, the ad interim secretary of war, to report to the commander-in-chief of the army. They reached General Sam Houston on April 12, and nine days later, fought at the Battle of San Jacinto as a part of Captain Hayden Arnold's Company. On June 27, he re-enlisted for another three months under Captain William Rufus C. Hays. Once he was discharged, he returned home to his practice and later served as the Justice of the Peace for Nacogdoches County from 1841 to 1843. Chapman died in Nacogdoches County on September 12, 1887 and was buried in Fairview Cemetery.

31° 34.462, -094° 35.197

Fairview Church Cemetery

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