September 2, 2016

John Marshall Wade

   John M. Wade, soldier, newspaperman, and surveyor, was born in New York in 1815. While in the Creek Indian nation, he was advised by Sam Houston to travel to Nacogdoches, Texas, where he arrived in October 1835. Wade joined Thomas J. Rusk's company, bound for Bexar, but became ill on the way and was left at San Felipe. While recovering from his illness he went to Montgomery, where he remained until after the Texas Declaration of Independence. On March 12, 1836, he joined Capt. Joseph L. Bennett's company, afterwards commanded by Capt. William Ward. Wade and four others were detailed to man the Twin Sisters.

   After the battle of San Jacinto he rejoined Ware's company and was discharged on June 12, 1836. On July 4, 1836, he was elected captain of a company stationed at Victoria. A printer by profession, Wade worked on the Telegraph and Texas Register at Columbia and Houston. He was also deputy surveyor of Montgomery County. In 1845 he began publishing the Montgomery Patriot, which was afterwards moved to Huntsville. He returned to Montgomery County in 1854 and served again as deputy surveyor until after the Civil War, when he was removed from office by Governor Edmund J. Davis. Wade died in Travis County on October 9, 1879. Source

Note: Unmarked. The original sexton's records state that John Wade is buried in the plot below, somewhere near the upright tablet stone.

30° 16.536, -097° 43.567
Section 2
Oakwood Cemetery

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  1. I am very happy to have been of some help. He is listed in the Oakwood Cemetery index here: They have a little more information regarding his plot and when he was buried, just click search and enter his name.