July 15, 2016

William Wood

   Wood enrolled as a First Lieutenant in Sidney Sherman's Company, The Kentucky Rifles on December 18, 1835, while living in Newport, Kentucky. The company arrived in Texas in January, 1836 and swore allegiance to Texas in Nacogdoches on January 14. When Sherman was promoted in March, Wood was elected captain of the company, now officially designated Company A, First Regiment of Texas Volunteers, in Gonzales. Wood lead the company at the Battle of San Jacinto, and remained in the army until May 22, 1837, when he was discharged. He first settled in Brazoria County, near Columbia, but declining health forced him to move to Houston in 1849. Wood died at the Pierce House on June 17, 1854. In his will, signed the day before he died, he requested that he be buried on the battleground of San Jacinto and was permitted so in honor of his service.

29° 45.257, -095° 05.355

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site
La Porte

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