July 5, 2016

Charles "Tex" Harrison

Charles Harrison, was born in Gary, Indiana, January 20, 1933. Houston became his home when his parents, Alexander and Lullelia Walker Harrison, relocated to the historic Fifth Ward. Charles graduated from Phillis Wheatley High School in 1950. At Wheatley, he was an exceptional athlete who competed in varsity basketball. He was recruited by North Carolina Central University and attended on an athletic scholarship. Charles received the nickname "Tex" because he was a recognizable 6'5" Texan. He was the first basketball player from an African-American institution to capture College All-American honors. He holds NCCU's second highest scoring record and was inducted into the university's Athletic Hall of Fame in 1984.

During his senior year, the Harlem Globetrotters noticed Tex when they played opposite him and his College All-American team during the World Series of Basketball. Tex graduated NCCU in 1954 and was drafted by the Globetrotters. This led to a legendary career. The team received the Athletic Order of Lenin Medal in 1959 (during the Cold War), an event that solidified Tex and the Globetrotters as global ambassadors. Tex was quick and an awesome rebounder and stellar exhibition dribbler who spent 18 years as a player before becoming a coach and advisor. He held these management positions for more than three decades. On November 20, 2014, Tex passed away and was buried in Houston's Golden Gate Cemetery.

GPS Coordinates
29° 50.167, -095° 19.482

Block D
Golden Gate Cemetery

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