April 15, 2016

George Weedon

George Weedon, Republic of Texas veteran, was born in Virginia, most likely Culpeper County, to Augustine and Elizabeth Farmer Weedon. Both of his grandfathers, George Weedon, for whom he was probably named, and Daniel Farmer, fought in the American Revolutionary War, thus setting an example for their grandson. After moving to Texas in 1835, Weedon followed in his grandfathers' footsteps by joining Texas' fight for independence. He served as a member of Captain William S. Fisher's Company of Velasco Blues, which later became Company I, First Regiment of Texas Volunteers, from April 19 to June 18, 1836, and participated in the battle of San Jacinto, where he was wounded.

Because of his service to Texas, Weedon received one-third of a league of land, 1,476.13 acres, in Washington County in 1838, as well as 320 acres for having served in the Texas Army. Two years after being mustered out of the Army, Weedon received another 640 acres for fighting at San Jacinto. On August 2, 1838, he received a league of land, 4,428.4 acres, for being wounded at San Jacinto. The majority of his land holdings were in present day Walker County. Weedon settled in Cincinnati, Texas, which was founded by James DeWitt, also a veteran of San Jacinto. Weedon passed away on January 18, 1842, and was buried on his property. According to his will, Weedon, with no mention of any family, requested that 20 acres of his land be set aside for a church, a cemetery, and a school house. Weedon's grave was moved from Walker County to the Texas State Cemetery on November 3, 1938.

GPS Coordinates
30° 15.937, -097° 43.637

Republic Hill
Texas State Cemetery

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