April 1, 2016

Daniel O'Driscoll

Daniel O'Driscoll was born in County Cork, Ireland, date unknown. In 1829, he came to Texas with the McMullen and McGloin colonists and joined the patriot army at the outbreak of the Texas Revolution. He fought in the Battle of Nueces Crossing (November 4, 1835), the Battle of San Jacinto (April 21, 1836) and, after Texas had gained its independence, the Battle of the Nueces (July 6, 1842). He was a first lieutenant in the regular army of the Republic of Texas until September 14, 1838.

He married Catherine Duggan in 1837 while stationed in Victoria and they had two children, Jeremiah and Robert. After he left the service, they moved to Refugio where he established a tavern and began raising cattle. O'Driscoll served as justice of Refugio County from 1846 until July 3, 1849, when he was killed in a horse carriage accident. His granddaughter Clara would do her part for Texas as well, as the "Savior of the Alamo".

GPS Coordinates
28° 18.112, -097° 16.968

Mount Calvary Cemetery

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