April 5, 2016

Bernard D'Ortolant

Bernard D'Ortolant was born in Bordeaux, France about 1753, and migrated to Louisiana around 1773, where he joined the local militia and fought in the American Revolution. He married Marie Ann Grappe and in 1797 was the Lieutenant of the Natchitoches, Louisiana Cavalry Militia where he served for fourteen years. He returned to San Antonio in 1779 and was in charge of the first cattle drive of 10,000 Texas long-horned cattle that were taken to Louisiana to be used by Bernardo de Galvez during his attacks on Mobil and Pensacola. Lt. D'Ortolant was in charge of the Old Stone Fort in Nacogdoches when Philip Nolan was arrested in 1801, and died there about 1822. The exact location of his grave has been lost, but it is believed that he was buried in the Old Spanish Cemetery in Nacogdoches, Texas.

The Old Spanish Cemetery was razed in the early 1900s
in order to build the second Nacogdoches County courthouse in 1911. It is not recorded that any of those at rest here were exhumed and moved. In fact, it is specifically stated on the historical marker located on site that Bernard D'Ortolant is still buried here, as are others. The Spanish Cemetery grounds are pictured below.

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Old Spanish Cemetery (Defunct)

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