January 29, 2016

Elias E. Hamilton

   Elias E. Hamilton was born in Clarksville, Georgia, in about 1816 to William and Nancy (Hallums) Hamilton. He left Clarksville, Georgia in the fall of 1835 with his family. Shortly after having arrived in Texas, he enlisted in the company recruited in Nacogdoches by Captain Thomas J. Rusk and left with that organization for Bexar, then under siege (October 12 - December 11, 1835). He was later transferred to Captain Hayden Arnold's "Nacogdoches Company" and fought at San Jacinto. Hamilton was killed by his horse falling on him in Douglass, Nacogdoches County, September 30, 1840. He was originally buried beside his father and sister in the "old Mexican cemetery", but has since been relocated to Oak Grove Cemetery in Nacogdoches.

31° 36.190, -094° 38.959

Oak Grove Cemetery

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