January 15, 2016

Ashley R. Stephens

Born in Wayne County, North Carolina in 1808, Stephens stated in his original land application that he came to Texas from Tennessee in February, 1831. He received title to a league of land in Austin's Second Colony, November 22, 1832, situated in what are now Washington and Lee Counties. A farmer by profession, he enlisted at the home of Asa Mitchell's by Captain Joseph P. Lynch at the onset of the Texas Revolution. He served as Second Corporal of Captain William W. Hill's Company and was listed among those few who had been wounded during the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836.  Despite being shot through the calves of both legs, his wounds were generally regarded as slight, yet he died nine days later, possibly from infection.

This is a cenotaph. In 1881, a decision was made to place permanent memorials at the graves of those men who had been killed in the Battle of San Jacinto and buried on the battlefield. It was discovered, however, that all of the original wooden grave markers, except for Benjamin Brigham's, had rotted away and no one could remember exactly where the others rested. As a compromise, since the soldiers had been buried closely together, it was decided to place a cenotaph over Brigham's grave as a memorial to all of them.

GPS Coordinates
29° 45.232, -095° 05.363

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site
La Porte

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