May 20, 2014

Amos Edson

Recruited in New Orleans for the army of Texas by Captain Amasa Turner, Amos Edson arrived at Velasco, January 28, 1836, aboard the schooner Pennsylvania. He enlisted in the army February 13, 1836 for a period of two years and was assigned to Captain Turner's Company whom he was with at the Battle of San Jacinto. When Turner was promoted, the men of his company were transferred to Company A, First Regiment of Regulars Infantry, under Captain John Smith. He was stationed at Galveston later in the year, but on February 28, 1837, he was transferred to another unit, probably in Harrisburg County. He was discharged early, perhaps from illness or injury, and was living in Houston by August, 1837. He died shortly afterward, date and cause unknown, and was buried in the City Cemetery.

This is a cenotaph. Nearly all of the graves in Founders Memorial Park were lost due to neglect, and although Amos Edson is known to be buried in this cemetery, the exact location is unknown.

GPS Coordinates
29° 45.457, -095° 22.729

Founders Memorial Park

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