February 24, 2012

William Pryor

William Pryor
1780 - Botetourt County, Virginia
September 9, 1833 - San Felipe de Austin, Texas

Old Three Hundred colonist

Note: This is a cenotaph. During the Texas Revolution, the town of San Felipe was largely destroyed by Mexican troops chasing after the Texan army. Nothing was spared, not even the town graveyard. The majority of those buried here prior to 1836 are no longer marked, so although William Pryor is known to be buried here, the exact location has been lost.

GPS Coordinates
29° 47.894, -096° 06.043

San Felipe de Austin Cemetery
San Felipe


  1. Thanks for posting photo of William Pryor's
    "marker". Most researchers are fairly certain he was from Botetourt County, VA and settled for a while in Stewart County, TN and later in Clarke Co., MS before heading to Texas.

  2. Thank you for the information regarding his origins, I have added Botetourt County as his place of birth.