May 11, 2010

Ernest Bevil Ford

Ernest B. Ford was born in D'Lo, Mississippi on February 23, 1916 to Ernest and Grace Bevil Ford. He graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1938. A lyricist, he collaborated on more than two hundred songs with many different composers; some of his best-known songs being Daddy Brings Home the Bacon (and Mama's Gotta Fry It); My Itty Bitty Kitty; Hum, Mister Hummingbird and You'll Be Just as Sweet at Sixty (As You Were At Sweet Sixteen). Among Ford's co-writers represented in this collection are Geoffrey O'Hara, J. Rosamond Johnson, Billy Mills, and Doc Bechtel. Ford retired in 1981 after serving 34 years as an advertising executive with the Houston Chronicle. Ford also owned the Gulf Coast Music publishing company. On April 16, 1991, Ford died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and buried in Houston.

GPS Coordinates
29° 44.379, -095° 36.528

Section 407
Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery

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