October 12, 2010

David McCormick

   David McCormick, one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred colonists, the son of Andrew and Catherine (Adams) McCormick, was born in 1793. He moved to Texas from Hempstead County, Arkansas, in 1821. His wife and two children died in Arkansas while he was in Texas selecting land. On December 20, 1823, he voted in the election that chose Sylvanus Castleman alcalde for 1824. McCormick was among those who contributed a total of 630 bushels of corn in 1823 to pay the expenses of Erasmo Seguín, who was serving as Texas representative to the Mexican congress. He received title to a league of land in what is now Brazoria County on July 21, 1824, and voted in deputy and alcalde elections in April and December 1824. The census of 1826 classified him as a farmer and stock raiser, aged between forty and fifty, a widower with one slave. In 1831 his nephew Joseph Manson McCormick came to live with him. David McCormick died on May 10, 1836. He was buried near his home, but the body was later moved to West Columbia. In 1838 his heirs received a headright of one labor of land. Source

29° 08.427, -095° 38.862

Columbia Cemetery
West Columbia

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