July 2, 2010

Owen Shannon

Owen Shannon, Texas pioneer, son of Eleanor and Thomas Shannon, Sr., was born around 1762 in Georgia. He, two of his brothers, and their father received certificates of service in the Revolutionary War and bounty grants of 287½ acres each. Owen, who was fourteen years old when he fought, received bounty land in Franklin County, Georgia. He married Margaret (Margit) Montgomery in Wilkes County, Georgia, on October 22, 1792. They had six children, most of whom settled on empresario grants in Texas.

Shannon came with his family to Texas in 1821 as a member of the Old Three Hundred. He and his sons are listed on the June 9, 1826, muster roll of the Ayish Bayou District. Shannon was listed by Stephen F. Austin as seventy years of age when he and Margaret received their league of land in Montgomery County, where the Shannons operated the Montgomery Trading Post. Margaret was a member of the Montgomery family for whom Montgomery County was named, and Owen was one of forty-six veterans of the American Revolution who came to Mexican Texas. He died in 1839.

This is a cenotaph. Differing contemporary accounts have Owen Shannon as being buried either on his homestead or in the now defunct Joel Greenwood family cemetery in Plantersville. In both cases, it was reported that his grave was never marked and the exact location lost.

GPS Coordinates
30° 23.316, -095° 41.845

Old Methodist Churchyard

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