December 18, 2009

Frederick Deetline

   Frederick Deetline was born in 1846 at Offenheim, Germany and enlisted in the U.S. Army from Baltimore, MD in the 1870s. He was one of twenty-four soldiers of the 7th Cavalry to earn the Medal of Honor during the Battle of the Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876, often called "Custer's Last Stand." Four brave troopers exposed themselves to the enemy for four hours from a position ahead of the line while Private Deetline and fourteen of his comrades slipped out of the right wing of Captain Benteen's line to cross eighty yards of fire-swept ground to reach a deep ravine. With camp kettles, the fifteen men made repeated trips to the river while under protective fire from the four troopers in the front of the line. Despite the great danger, and Indian warriors who concealed themselves in bushes along the river in order to ambush the party, only one of these men was wounded. Had not the critical supply of water been obtained, many more of the wounded would have died. He attained the rank of Quartermaster Sergeant before leaving the Army and died in Bexar County on December 13, 1910.

Voluntarily brought water to the wounded under fire.

29° 25.281, -098° 28.031

Section F
San Antonio National Cemetery
San Antonio

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