April 28, 2009

Brooks Benedict

Brooks Benedict, American actor of the silent and sound film era, was born Harold J. Mann on February 6, 1896 to Alice Julian and Samuel Mann in New York City. He attended Princeton University for two years, and was a member its football team. He then joined the American Ambulance Corp. in France for six months at the height of World War I. Upon return and after the Selective Service Act of 1917, he enlisted and served as a private in the United States Army Air Service.

After the war, he went to Hollywood and pursued different jobs until his starting role in William Wellman's movie Cupid's Fireman (1923) at Fox Film Corporation. His first major role came later opposite Harold Lloyd in The Freshman/College Days (1925) as the "Campus Cad". He continued to appear with Lloyd and other prominent silent era stars in the 1920s. During World War II and throughout the 1940s, he appeared in more than 130 movies, where he was limited to utility roles in all but three. In later stages of his career, he extended his work to television, appearing as a regular in such series as the Four Star Playhouse (1956). His last performance was in the movie Houseboat (1958). He died on January 1, 1968, in Houston, Texas, due to myocardial infarction after a history of arteriosclerosis and rheumatic heart disease.

GPS Coordinates
29° 55.806, -095° 27.069

Section C
Houston National Cemetery

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