April 24, 2009

James Allison York

   James Allison York, Republic of Texas veteran, was born July 4, 1800, in Kentucky. His father's name was James York, but only his mother's maiden name (Allison) is known. York moved to Texas with his family in 1821 and settled in present day Austin County. During Texas' fight for independence, York first enlisted in his brother's company, the Brazos Guards, as a second sergeant on October 7, 1835. York was one of the men who entered Bexar on December 5, 1835, in what later became known as the Storming and Capture of Bexar. After he was discharged on December 13, York enlisted in Moseley Baker's San Felipe Company on March 30, 1836. With Baker, York participated in the Battle of San Jacinto.

   After being discharged on May 29, 1836, he re-enlisted again, this time joining George W. Jewell's Company on September 19, 1836. Because of his service to Texas, York received 640 acres of land for taking part in the Storming and Capture of Bexar in December 1835. He also received 320 acres of land for serving in the army from October 7 to December 23, 1835. York died on February 6, 1869, and was buried near Sweet Home, Lavaca County, Texas. Because of the neglected state of the cemetery, the State of Texas reinterred York to the Texas State Cemetery on July 31, 1937. Source

30° 15.917, -097° 43.648

Republic Hill
Texas State Cemetery

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